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Chemvplus focuses on the optimization of the supply chain of feed additives, food additives, cosmetic ingredients, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API) and intermediates, and natural plant extracts. We are committed to providing cost-effective high-quality products to worldwide clients in feed, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

With 20 years of industry experience, we have a profound understanding of the market and rich experience. Combined with data analysis, we can provide not only the products but also inspiring market trends to our clients. We accompany our clients with prudent purchasing advice in order to succeed in their business.

Continuously optimizing the chemical and natural material supply chain and ensuring a stable supply of high-quality products for customers is our core business.

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With a total understanding of the customer needs and respect of our earth and environment, we constantly look for new solutions to optimize the product supply chain in terms of the management process, production process, and logistics. We strive to become a trustworthy and reliable partner for all our stakeholders worldwide.

Each year we participate in exhibitions worldwide: 

Viv Asia, Eurotier, and CPHI.

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