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Professional supplier of chemical products and natural plant extracts

Chemvplus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides one-stop supply-chain services of feed (animal nutrition) additives, food (supplement) additives, natural plant extracts, cosmetic ingredients, and pharmaceutical raw materials to customers around the world.

We select the leading supply partners in the industry to ensure the quality and stability of the products we provide to our clients. Thanks to the close and steady relationship with suppliers and scientific partners, as well as efficient inner management and communication, we are knowledgeable in the industry and the products. Therefore we have further insight into the coming changes and the product trends. So that we are competent of provide clients with forward-looking procurement suggestions and fast delivery solutions.

Chemvplus office
Chemvplus team

Client centered, competitive in price and service

Since the beginning of our business, we have established 300 long-term partnerships with our clients all over the world. There are multinational companies as well as market-segment leaders located in Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.

The company is actively expanding its warehouses and offices in key areas on different continents in order to provide more localized and outstanding services. Our goal is to inspire the formula strategy of our clients by deeply assisting them in product development with a comprehensive and responsive service and competitive offers.

Our clients trust us because we are...


We listen to clients' demands attentively with humbleness in order to fulfill their needs properly and acurately.


We persistently pursue strict quality control to ensure the safety and quality of products from the source to the hands of customers.


Constantly we focus on innovation of processes and services in order to accompany our client in the full procedure of selecting products and logistic solutions.


Sustainable development is important for us and our world so that our main criteria for selecting suppliers is their environmental performance.

Total quality management

"Better quality, Safer raw materials" are our company's primary principles, and the principle is guaranteed through the service and the products we offer!


The company has obtained ISO9000 and FAMI-QS, the quality and safety Management Standards certification. Meanwhile, we continue to update and improve the company’s quality and safety standards. We believe that ongoing progress and pursuit of “total quality control of products and services” is the foundation for Chemvplus to gain customer trust, form a long-term collaboration, and maintain constant growth.

Supplier quality control

Chemvplus has strict requirements on suppliers. Routine testing of product content, impurities, and possible contaminants are been recorded and documented in order to fulfill the traceability requirement.