The expositions we have participated

Chemvplus 2020 Shanghai CPhl Stand

Since 2018, we have been in several exposition world wide: the CPHI Madrid on 0ctober 9-11th and the Eurotier Hannover on November 13-16th

In 2019 we have been to VIV Bangkok on March 13-15th and CPHI Frankfurt on November 5-7th 2019.


CPHI Madrid 0ctober 9-11th

Chemvplus CPHI Madrid 0ctober 9-11th

Eurotier Hannover November 13-16th 2018

Chemvplus VIV-Bangkok-13-15th-March-2019

VIV Bangkok March 13-15th 2019

CPHI Frankfurt November 5-7th 2019

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